How Can We Show Thankfulness in Light of Black Friday?

Black Friday weekend has become increasingly popular, almost to the point of overshadowing the Thanksgiving holiday. What should Christians do on Black Friday weekend? How can we continue to show thankfulness?

"Stores open as early as Thanksgiving Day over Black Friday weekend, and the lines are usually wrapped around the building. There’s a common concern that Black Friday shopping takes away from the spirit of thankfulness that Thanksgiving draws much needed attention to. Christians may feel unsure about how to handle Black Friday, and those apprehensions are both legitimate and worth exploring. We wonder how this holiday that once ended with everyone around the television watching a football game and passing the pumpkin pie became a deal-shopper’s favorite time of year.

Whether you spend the holiday cozied up at home with loved ones, or take advantage of Black Friday deals, let’s consider ways we as followers of Christ can keep the spirit of gratitude alive and intact."

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