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I'm Thankful For the

Friendship I Share

With My Mom

Three generations of women

Becoming a parent is truly a gift, but parents may often get sad realizing their babies will grow up and be out of the home someday. Becoming a mom has made me realize what a bigger gift awaits: the adult friendship I will have with my children when they grow up! As I cherish the friendship I have with my mom, I know the best is yet to come with my own children.

"My daughter is only two, but like most moms, when I look at her pictures from what seems like forever ago, sometimes tears come to my eyes. Tears of joy and also, tears of longing. I miss her tininess, her small cries, and her newborn smell. I can remember the feel of when her whole body would fit into my arms and she’d fall asleep as I gently swayed and rocked her. I can hardly believe how big she has gotten and how quickly these first two years have gone by."

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