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20 Inspiring Verses for Mothers

Mother and Daughter Hugging

"Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate and show extra love to mothers, mother figures, and the women who have helped raise us, guide us, and invest in us. Motherhood is a gift and mothers are certainly close to God’s heart as being tasked with one of the most significant responsibilities one will ever hold, to raise a child.

Mothers provide the shoulders we cry on, the ears that listen to every concern and joy. They feed us, they nurture us, and they pass on their faith. Motherhood is truly deserving of such a holiday for mothers to be recognized and honored. We can look to the Bible and find a wealth of wisdom and hope for women on Mother’s Day."

Read more about the biblical perspective on motherhood, moms in the Bible, verses for moms, a prayer for moms, and more by reading my article 20 inspiring verses for mothers.

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