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My Husband

Doesn't Make the

Bed the Way I Do

Marriage ain't easy! It is wonderful, blessed, and also tough at times. Two becoming one is quite the process and requires a lot of Grace... can I get an amen?! Grace is vital to keep your marriage healthy, strong, and to last a lifetime.


Every now and then I'm reminded of what seemed to be an ordinary day, but one in which I learned a significant lesson within the first year of my marriage. Take a stroll with me down memory lane, if you will...

Dave (my husband) was going to be home in less than an hour, and I was home sick that day. After sleeping, resting, and catching up on my favorite shows, I realized the day had gotten away. I figured since he was going to be home soon, it was about time I got off the couch and made the bed. As I started to pull up the sheets and fluff the pillows, a thought crossed my mind, and certainly not for the first time: Dave doesn't make the bed the same way I do. 

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