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What is a gentile and Who Were They In The Bible?

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"The word gentile is found throughout the Bible, used most often in the New Testament. Paul wrote and ministered to gentiles, Peter wrote about and interacted with gentiles, and even Simeon prophesied that Jesus was a light to the gentiles (See: Luke 2:32). Readers may wonder if this was a term used to reference a particular nation or ethnic group that was around during the time Jesus walked the earth and when the early church began.

The Greek word most often translated to gentile is ἔθνος. This word means nations or people. In the Bible, when this word is used, it is not describing one nation or ethnic group, rather the term gentile refers to anyone who is not of Jewish descent. Gentile would also broadly describe those who do not believe in God."

Read more about who the Gentiles were in the Bible in my article at!

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