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23 Encouraging Verses for Families with a Disabled Child

Mother with her Child

"Becoming a parent brings along plenty of new emotions and experiences. When we learn that we’re expecting, naturally, we begin to envision what life may be like with and for our little bundle of joy. Whenever it is that your child is diagnosed with a disability, it can feel confusing, disheartening, or even earth-shattering. Intense caretaking, scheduling, and a variety of therapies may become part of your new normal. Parenthood takes on a brand-new set of challenges, but I hope a new set of joys, as well.

We can trust that God’s word speaks to our unique circumstances, fears, expectations, and heart. Our hope is that in Christ, we can find guidance, wisdom, and strength. Here are 23 verses that will encourage you as you navigate each day with a child who has a disability."

Read my article to find 23 verses for encouragement at

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