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Pause Before the Season is Over

"Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

I can hardly believe Christmas is this month. It seems like only a few weeks ago, I was enjoying the warm, summer temperatures. Fall has come and gone, and winter has set in. The hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us. But before the season is over, I invite you to give yourself time to pause.

Pause to recognize God's presence in your life. Pause to reflect on the wonder of the birth of Immanuel (God with us). Pause to consider the small baby, God-incarnate, who would save the world and free us from sin and death. Pause to consider the highs and lows of the year, and how God was with you and will continue to guide your steps. Pause to bask in His most perfect gift, the only begotten Son, and how His entrance into human kind changed the world. Pause to acknowledge that our amazing, powerful Creator sees you and knows you by name. Pause.

Pause because this season is special. It is unlike any other. The reality is that it may be a difficult time of year. Loss, strained relationships, seasonal depression, crises, and the vast other issues we suffer through don't let up. Yet your trials don't have to steal the joy and peace that this season brings. Our hardships don't have to keep us from embracing God's love and the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

When I consider all that I'm juggling, and dealing with, it seems like I don't have much to be grateful for nor celebrate this time of year, and my mind is easily distracted. But when I remember Who I serve and who I am in Christ, my troubles seem so much smaller. And they truly are tiny compared to the huge God we serve, amen! With a righteous perspective, I am able to pause and let the glory of this season reach my heart and my entire being.

Just like Mary took a moment to pause and ponder all that was happening to her, letting her heart swell with joy and excitement and anticipation, we can mimic that same wise behavior. Though Mary's circumstances weren't ideal, she didn't miss the chance to treasure the goodness and honor of the precious baby born to save the world.

I want to be like Mary this season.

I want to pause and treasure the goodness of Jesus being born, regardless of my circumstances and the busyness of my life. I plan time each day to pause; reflecting on God's Scripture and praising Jesus for His entrance into the world. May we all find moments to pause to serve others this season, and to be a light in a world so very much in need of the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Let us pray...

Lord, thank You for who You are and that You sent Your Son to save me. Let my heart feel Your peace, joy and hope this season. I don't want to miss out on the beauty of this time of year. I offer my trials and hardships up to You and I lay them at Your feet. Help me to trust You to take perfect care of me. Lead me to serve others and to share Your love and the Gospel message to those I encounter. Amen.

Suggested further reading: Luke 2, Psalm 118, John 1


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