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Making Time for God

Updated: Jan 9

"Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed." Mark 1:35

When I consider the many pieces of life I am juggling, I have plenty of reasons to tell God, “I’ve got no time for You today.” I can imagine there are days or seasons in your life where you feel the same way. Even those of us who have been Christians for years may go through periods where putting God first becomes an uphill battle. Work is demanding, the house doesn’t seem to stay clean, you feel overwhelmed with dire circumstances, or you’re constantly tending to the needs of loved ones. We also have a real enemy that does his best to keep us distracted and pulls us away from our Source. Whatever the task at hand, some days, it does feel increasingly difficult to make time for God. Perhaps, it seems impossible.

In reality, it is God’s presence in your life that will help give you strength for the journey each day. Not only strength, but also Peace when the waters get rough, and Hope when you can’t see the way out. Making time for Him will change your life, your heart, and your mind in big ways!

I marvel at the life of Jesus (for many reasons), but especially because in the midst of His ongoing ministry of preaching, healing, discipling, and traveling—He always made time to be with the Father. Multiple times throughout the Gospels we are told of Jesus’ spiritual practice of finding time and space to pray. He just got up and walked away from the people and the crowded places to keep His relationship with the Father the top priority. It is His time with the Father that empowered Jesus to lead the most radical ministry on earth, walk in the Spirit’s ways, and eventually make His way to the Cross.

If you are struggling to find daily time with God, you are certainly not alone! But let me encourage you today to stop penciling God in and use a permanent marker to block out time with Him each day. Your spirit thirsts for His presence, your heart and soul need to find rest in Him, and the burdens you carry will be so much lighter when you give it all over to the Lord. Anxiety, fear, and restlessness melt away when you lean into the real presence of God.

So, where do you begin? Listen to praise and worship music on your way to and from work. Spend the last 30 minutes of your day before bed reading the Bible and talking to God. If you’re especially disciplined, perhaps waking up 30 minutes earlier is easier for your schedule. Give up sitting with colleagues for lunch a couple days a week, and instead, have your meal as you read the Bible and pray, or fast by giving up your lunch entirely to be with God. Set apart a certain room, chair or space in your house that is your place for time with God. Use a journal, a prayer map, silence, or prayer Scriptures. There are plenty of ways to “get away” so that you can practice putting God first.

For any relationship to grow, there needs to be an investment of time; time we sacrifice if we want to deepen our roots in the Lord. God’s ears are always open to you, and His arms are always ready for your embrace. The Lord is your refuge and is with you always, His love for you is perfect, and He wants to know you more. Whatever you are juggling, the Lord understands, yet He still calls us to make time for Him. I know you can find creative ways to keep God at the center of your life!


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