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Hopefully, you enjoyed a lot of laughter with your spouse when the two of you were dating, engaged, and even newlyweds. You laughed at the mishaps, the spilled milk, and the slip-ups. Perhaps you even laughed at the sleepless nights, countless diaper changes, and spit-ups after bringing home your first child. Spouses often find humor together in the stories they share, the movies they watch, and the silly moments with one another.


The longer a marriage lasts, the easier it becomes to take ourselves too serious when the struggles and harsh realities add up. We forget that laughing with one another will positively impact the marriage relationship. While we get caught up in day-to-day life, somehow sharing life’s goodness seems to escape us. Laughter has helped my husband and I defuse arguments, build esteem, and enjoy our time with one another.


If the laughter has stopped for you and your spouse, this could be a sign that there is trouble brewing. It may be worth considering… What are ways that you can foster joy and happiness in your marriage, even if it is just a few moments of shared laughter each day? What were the things that used to get the two of you laughing together and enjoying time with one another? Focus on bringing the laughter back into your marriage, your family, and your home. This can be one step you take toward a happier marriage.

Author: Pamela Palmer

a Cheerful heart is good medicine.
Proverbs 22:17a
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