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Three Friends

I Pray You'll Be My Forever FRiend

Do you have those friends you just know God placed in your life? I am so grateful for the godly friendships in my life and pray that they will remain my forever friends--because let's face it, finding awesome friends can be tough!

"Finding real friendships is a gift. It feels refreshing to meet and connect with others who understand what you’re going through and aren’t there to judge you or overwhelm you with advice you didn’t ask for.


Meaningful friendships take work. Work that doesn’t have to be time-consuming or add stress to life, but rather built from little steps of love and kindness that add up over time to create a lasting friendship. And although we never can seem to get together as much as we’d like, every bit of intentionality helps us stay connected and deepens our friendship roots."

Read more of my article about finding your forever friends on!

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