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Men & Women


In American culture, men and women are often pitted against each other. Which gender makes more? Which gender can get further? Which gender can achieve more? We’re set up to believe that men and women are in a heated race against one another. We’re trained to think that our success is defined by getting ahead of the other or being able to do exactly what the other is capable of doing. These learned perspectives, unfortunately, make marriage incredibly difficult for some couples. Rather than getting on the same team, identifying strengths, and both contributing in unique ways to the marriage, men and women continue to find themselves on opposite sides of the marriage playing field. This causes a deep struggle to work together as husband and wife through issues and to have the life the two had hoped to build. We can look to God’s word to find understanding, clarity, and wisdom.


Men and women are equally broken, sinful, and in need of a Savior because we have all been severely impacted by the sharing of that forbidden fruit between the first man and the first woman. Both men and women are prone to being sinful, or to use a more trending word, toxic.


But God’s word teaches us that men and women were made to play for the same team. God put the two side by side, not in opposition to one another, they are the perfect complement to each other.


4 biblical truths that put woman and man side-by-side:

1. God made male and female joint heirs, equally crowned with glory and honor. (See: 1 Peter 3:7, Psalm 8:5)


2. God made them to work together to take care of the earth, to reproduce, and to share the Gospel. (See Genesis 3:23, Genesis 1:28, Matthew 28:19)


3. Together, men and women have been commanded by Christ to love God and to love others. (See: Matthew 22:38-39)


4. Men and women are bone of bones and flesh of flesh. They're meant to be perfect companions, not rivals. (See Genesis 2:18, 23)

The danger of continuing to live according to the lies that men and women are up against each other rather than on the same team is that this will divide us, break down the marriage and family structure, and corrupt society.  The reality is that until Jesus Christ comes back, we will continue to endure these struggles.


As the Body of Christ, what can we do?

We can model companionship and a “same team” ideology. We can be the kindness, the love, the compassion, and the voice of truth in a world that is desperately in need. We can help others find a safe place, be empowered, and seek healing for themselves and their marriage. We are the salt and light that the Spirit works to represent God’s love.

Author: Pamela Palmer

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